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The Time Traveler

I am passionate about capturing moments in time and turning them into art. Through these moments captured, you are able to revisit the most important memories in your life. You can feel the emotions, and see the essence of what matters to you.  Let me help you travel back in time.

Photography has been my art medium since middle school years. It has been a passion that has never died. After I graduated high school I made my hobby into a business and have never looked back. I would love to work with you! Please get in touch below with a short message of what you are interested in, and we can chat! I look forward to capturing your memories, and then time traveling with you! 

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Services & Pricing

I offer a range of services, and am willing to talk about new ideas that aren't listed! Creating is my passion and part of my why. Fill out the contact form and we can chat about your specific needs!


The Time Traveler Expectations

To begin with, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I want that to be evident in my art work. But in order for me to be successful in capturing memories for you, some expectations are important. 


In order to save the date requested for services, a retainer fee of 50% will be required, with the rest due upon service date. For wedding services, a retainer fee of 25% will be required, and the remainder paid out in increments up until the week before the wedding. If you cancel on me last minute that is a date I could have booked someone else and made money. Please be respectful of my time so that my prices can stay low so I can keep serving you! 


Again, I LOVE TRAVEL! LOVE LOVE LOVE. With a capital LOVE. 

I will travel anywhere within an hour radius of 73075 for free! Other than that here are my travel fees:

  • Anywhere within 2 hours of 73075 - $50 added
  • Anywhere within 4 hours of 73075 - $150 added
  • Anywhere within 8 hours of 73075 - $250 added
  • Anywhere else will depend on flights and time spent away from home! Feel free to reach out! (I might not even charge much more than the flight itself because I LOVE traveling soooo much!)

Please feed my wanderlust spirit! 


I price my work fairly. The amount of time and effort put into the art, creating the finished pieces, business expenses, and equipment all taken into account make it cost efficient even! Because of this I don't discount my work differently for friends and family vs. clients. I do offer a standing discount for these groups of people and they get 25% off always! It is my way of saying thank you and "serving" the men and women who serve us! 

  • First Responders
  • Military 
  • Teachers