Ten Years Later

10 years ago my life looked incredibly different from my life today. My mom, a newly single mother, was preparing to move her family across the country. I am not going to go into the personal details. But let me tell you, it took faith beyond words. I know she never would, or could, have imagined the life that we are living now. 10 years ago, we lived in Tucson Arizona. My mom drove a Toyota Prius (LOL). We lived in a suburban neighborhood with a waterpark, but houses so close together that you could touch two by standing in the middle of them. Not small house’s either. Five bed/2.5 bath houses, that you could touch by standing in between them.

When we moved to Pauls Valley I was devastated. My hobbies were photography and going to the mall to shop (LOL even harder). There wasn’t a mall close by and for goodness sake THERE WAS A CORN FIELD OUTSIDE THE HIGH SCHOOL WINDOW. MOM!! What are you doing to me??? High school me at that point was a little dramatic, a little traumatized, and a lot naïve. I explicitly remember texting a good friend back in Tucson making fun of the town, the school, and the fact that they had a Future Farmer’s of America club. (That friend and I had been on the bowling team together. They didn’t even have a bowling alley in Pauls Valley.)

You know what I didn’t expect? Feeling welcome. Feeling like I had a home for the first time in my life. Feeling like I belonged. I didn’t expect falling in love with my town and the people in it. I didn’t expect to stay in Pauls Valley after I graduated high school. I didn’t expect to find the man of my dreams in this town. And I MOST DEFINITLY didn’t expect for our dream to become starting a farm. And making that happen. I didn’t expect any of it! This is why I say God has a sense of humor. Here I am looking back on who I was ten years ago, and not recognizing that girl. Literally the only similarity between who I was and who I am is my love of photography. I am so grateful that it is the thing that stuck. I think it is because it has always been my coping mechanism and my artistic expression.

I am grateful beyond words that God chose me to marry Shannon. He chose me to become a farmers wife. To walk alongside him by feeding animals, build fence, planting a garden, and everything else this adventure throws at us. I know I have a lot to learn. But look at how far I have come in ten years. Another ten years and maybe I might actually have a clue about this life 😉