Photography Education

I LOVE education. I am such a nerd. That is probably why I went on to get my masters degree. I just can’t soak up enough new knowledge. This past year I discovered a new love. It took me by surprise. I never imagined I would have a passion for it. I LOVE teaching!

I don’t think I could teach kids, but high school aged and into adulthood I can definitely do! I am not looking to change career paths. I love the path I am on. What else could I teach, I found myself asking myself. Uh, DUH GRACE! Photography! What do I know more about than that? Because of this I am going to start offering mentoring sessions so I can teach photography to people wanting to learn! You don’t have to want to be a photographer to learn either! You can want to learn to take better photos of your kids, your pets, landscapes, or anything!

Let’s start with the basics and go from there! Contact me if you are interested in learning about basics of the camera, editing, or both and we will get started on a path for you! I am so excited about this!

My first free tip to anybody is always be on the look out for moments! Little sweet moments in between are the best images that you can find. Keep your eye open and always be thinking about the next shot so that you don’t miss anything! These images are from a vacation I took with my husband a few years ago! I am so grateful I had the ability to capture this beauty the way it should be seen.