Taking a Leap of Faith

I have always heard people say that if something doesn’t scare you, then it probably won’t be worth your effort. I have wanted to start a blog for YEARS. It scares me. I am so much more than a photographer. I am a wife. A dreamer. A do-er. A dog mom. A cook. A farmer. All of these adjectives together don’t begin to touch on the surface of me. I am a complex human. However, I am no more complex than the person sitting in the coffee shop next to me (p.s. I hate coffee, sue me).

I don’t want my website to be about only my photography. I want it to be about my farm, about the food I cook from our farm, about struggles that I have faced that might be able to encourage someone else going through a similar situation, etc.

This leap has scared me. I think to myself all the time that I don’t want to annoy people with posts, who even cares about what I have to say or the recipes I might post. But I am taking this leap. If me starting a blog impacts ONE person, it will be worth it. I pray that I can be impactful, and show the world some beauty in the process.