I started my blog and didn’t get very far. I get SO caught up in the daily grind. I get caught up in the, “What MUST be done now?” I get all of that accomplished, and don’t have room for the stuff that I should do. I know more women can related to that than just me!

I used to get burned out. Fortunately, I haven’t been in burn out mode for a while. I made taking care of myself a priority. It is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine. I am making blogging another non-negotiable for me, starting this month. If I don’t make something, I love doing a priority, then it won’t get done. Once a week, it will happen.

So, what does a daily routine look like for a woman who seems like she is going 90 to nothing? It looks like every morning I make time for activities that do nothing for anyone else, but make MY body and soul feel alive. It gives me energy to make it through my crazy schedule.

I start with yoga. Sometimes I am in a hurry and only do it for 2 minutes. Other times I have nothing going on all day and I spend an hour practicing. I move straight into some guided deep breathing when I finish that. If you have met up with me on day’s I haven’t done that breathing, I AM SORRY. I promise I am not always that crazy 😉 These two things seriously keep me sane. Especially during this time of transition in my career!  

After I am awake with a clear mind from those two things, I write out an entire page of things I am grateful for. A practice of gratitude is crucial in staying happy. Physically writing down what you are grateful for can make such an impact on your daily life. I dare you to try it for a week and let me know how it goes 😉

In the same manner that I write out daily gratitude’s, I also write out my goals. I have goals for the day, but I also write out my 10X goals. My crazy, seemingly unreachable, dreams. I WILL reach them, might I add!

My bible is next. I tried for a few weeks to put it first, but that didn’t go so well. If I read my bible first thing in the morning when I woke up, I’d fall back asleep trying to read it. That did nothing for helping me accomplish what I wanted to with my time in the morning. If miraculously I did stay awake, I didn’t truly comprehend what I was reading. I read, do a devotional, and lately I have been following along with a group of people from work in a prayer book. I journal through whatever God lays on my heart through all of these.

Typically, I do all of this before my husband wakes up. When I finish my bible time is when he wakes up. As he is showering, I will cook us breakfast. He goes to work, and I get myself ready for the day.

Some say I am crazy for all of this, but they aren’t in my head. I HAVE to do this for me. It is non-negotiable. And my blog is on the list now too 😊

Grace Farnan